Team Registration

Acknowledge of Rules & Housekeeping Items

Contest Dates: May 27 & 28

Event Address:
Ramblin’ Road Brewery Farm 2970 Swimming Pool Road La Salette, Ontario N0E 1H0.

Fee: $275.00

Payment is via e-transfer or Paypal

TEAM Spots are on a “First Come/ First Serve” basis.

TEAMS must keep your sites free of trash & clean at all times.

TEAMS must purchase their own meat before arriving to the competition.

MANDITORY Cooks Meeting will be at 4PM of Saturday.

ORGANIZER will provide “Turn-In” boxes and they will be numbered and will distributed by the KCBS Reps.

ORAGNIZER will provide Port-a-Potties and a hand washing station ORGANIZER will provide a trash wagon and ash cans.

Power and water will be supplied, service is not guaranteed, it is advisable to bring your own generator if using power to cook. Please support our hosts – they have a restaurant and beer sales on site. Please bring your own ice.

Turn in Sunday 28th May:
Chicken 12H00
Pork Ribs 12H30
Pork Shoulder 13H00
Brisket 13h30

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